Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween, WA Style

The Adventure Family has officially celebrated our first holiday as a 4-person unit, and what's more, we enjoyed it! AdventureGirl was of course the most excited, this being her first memorable Halloween. She was very excited to go "Trick-or-Treater", and picked up the required phrases in about 2 houses (although I'm happy to say one of them was a "Thank You" at the end!). This was following a pizza dinner at a friend's house and several hours of "playing with the kids", one of her favorite activities. She also displayed a remarkable fearlessness... when one of the older guests came downstairs in a "Nightmare Jack" costume from the Nightmare before Christmas, the youngest child there burst into tears and ran for her mommy, and M just laughed and teased him. Ditto for the scary houses with moving severed hands, etc. She was very curious, but not scared in the least. Mommy and Daddy are in trouble.


JES said...

They are just precious! Love all of you:)

The Gutsy Mom said...

That is the cutest flower I have ever seen! With the foldedbhands. Seriously. And, what a cute bee buzzing (fearlessly) around that flower! Miss you!