Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Are You a Witch? and other random thoughts

This is one of AdventureGirl's favorite questions recently, ever since seeing several people dressed up as witches this Halloween. Do not misunderstand, to her it means nothing more than someone who gets to wear a cool hat. The problem being that without context, the question can be taken in quite the wrong way, and it is a rather lengthy explanation for the average shocked shopper at the local grocery store who no doubt is simultaneously having serious doubts about my parenting abilities. This question ranks right up there with the moments in the public restroom that she chooses to yell, at the top of her lungs (despite the fact that we are locked in the same stall together) "ARE YOU GOING PEE PEE AND POO POO IN THE POTTY MOMMY?". I do my best to answer her calmly and encouragingly, that yes, mommy goes in the potty like a big girl, while also mentioning something about inside voices. Why is this question so mortifying? We are, after all, in a restroom. What are most people doing in there? Surely not their makeup. She has also discovered the magic of the step-stool (she has one that she carries throughout the house), as well as her ability to scoot chairs to convenient places and climb up on them. The result of this is that it is increasingly difficult to find places that she cannot reach, and we are constantly re-defining what is off-limits, as well as discovering the idea of self-restraint. I consider this development a crucial phase of maturing on her part, although I am saddened by the fact that my life will never be quite so simple again. I am entering the phase of toddler-parentdom where I am continuously amazed at how fast my little girl is turning into a functional human being, while at the same time I am horrified by the implications. There is now the distinct possibility that she might remember something I do or say years down the road, not to mention the fact that AdventureDad and I are daily shaping the kind of person she will become. No pressure though!!!
On the flip side, I am also at that phase of infant motherhood in which I count the minutes until the fresh shirt I just put on has a new spit-up river running down the shoulder , I count the hours that I sleep each night on one hand (the current record is 3.5 un-interrupted hours), and I count the months until AdventureBaby is just as much of a handful as her sister. I cannot believe that O is more than a month old now (and just weighed in at 9lbs 1.5 oz). My teeny tiny baby is already growing up so fast!

On a completely different (and lighter) subject, I also have to rave about my new sheets. I have to admit I bought them because they were relatively inexpensive (at $26 for a queen set), but I am just about ready to buy a backup set. I actually bought AdventureGirl a set first, then had to get some for myself out of envy. What are these heavenly creations? Jersey sheets. Yes, Jersey knit like T-shirts are made of. They are heavenly soft, stretchy enough to fit well over our pillow-top matress, and wrinkle-free even if they've been stored folded for weeks. If you are a flannel sheet fan, you really owe it to yourself to try these out. They're just as soft, but have less friction (I have a thing for sheets that wrap up with my pajamas...aaaahhhk claustrophobia). Heaven on a cold winter night.

The last random thought? I just made a soup that involves chestnuts (my first chestnut roasting experience... not necessarily one I would jump to repeat) and parsnips for dinner tonight, and it was HEAVENLY. If any of you end up with some chestnuts (or parsnips) and are wondering what to do with them, shoot me a line and I'll send you the recipe.

I know several other blog-worthy (at least to me!) thoughts have been circulating in my mind, but luckily for you my poor sleep-deprived brain has fizzled for the night. As usual I promise to post some pictures soon, but that involves finding the camera.

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Vicki said...

Missing you! Love reading about every day life and sad that we aren't all together to be doing it in tandem. Hug the girls and "Doc" for us.