Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It is late and I am tired, so "gasp" I am going to keep it short.  We had a couple great developments since the last post... The foundation for the house went in AND has been backfilled, the garage is filled and compacted (ready for cement) and a LOT of dirt was moved to create drainage sloping away from the house on all sides.  The site passed the final pre-build inspection by the construction company, and they should start framing before the end of next week.  I'll believe it when I see it, but the excitement builds!  In addition, more dirt was moved to create better drainage for the barn, and the trusses for the shop went up.  We are hoping the shop will be complete in about 2 weeks.  That is huge for us, because once it is we can have the permanent electricity installed, and we will have a clean, weather-proof place to START MOVING!  With all of the animal and farm related detritus we have to move, an early start is a blessing.
Next, AdventureDad and I started the Great Fencing Project.  We are only fencing (and cross-fencing) the upper 20 acres right now... the "back 30" will have to wait until we get some other more vital projects done, but it is really neat to see the outlines of our property taking shape.
Last but not Least... AdventureDad won out against the competition and got the job in Walla Walla!  He is with the same clinic but the previous job offer was in Hermiston, OR, so this is a lot closer.  We are thrilled, and so proud of the hard work he has done.
Enjoy the pics...
I did a little sewing (the nighties) and the girls got some new tutus...

Our "Gate to Nowhere" 

Trusses are on, waiting for the metal...
Foundation...says it all!