Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring has Sprung

I think after 4 days of consecutive sunshine last week, I can safely say that Spring has officially sprung in the Pacific Northwest. Those of you who have spent any time here know that the end of the winter rains is a big event, especially for people like me who suffer from severe cases of cabin fever. Although there is still enough of a threat of frost to prevent the planting of most things, I do have some lettuce and peas coming up to the delight of AdventureGirl (their co-planter) and she will soon have more than mint leaves to nibble on in the garden.
The AdventureFamily also went on their first hike as a 4-person unit (five if you count Flat Austin, who was also along). AdventureBaby earned her back-packing badge on a hike near the foot of Mt Rainier. Although it was still snowy up there, the air was warm and we had a delightful trek. Speaking of AdventureBaby, she is getting very close to crawling, and has suddenly learned the art of babbling. She is a very sunny little baby almost all of the time, although she has no problem expressing her displeasure when she feels the need!
AdventureGirl just keeps growing up, and I marvel daily at how much of a person she is now. She is truly good company, and constantly provides reasons to stop and smell the roses. I have included a picture of her recent bathtub art... I left her alone for a few minutes with her bathtub markers, and came back to find that she had drawn a wonderful face... much more recognizable than anything I drew when I was 3, that's for sure! She has drawn many other similar faces, but I think this is her best so far.
Now it's time to head outside again, enjoy a swing and a "popstigle" with my daughter and get a little visit time in with AdventureDad before he starts another 24 hour shift!