Friday, May 8, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

Summer has certainly arrived in San Antonio! The weather has been in the upper 90's for the last few days, with enough humidity to make it hazy in the mornings... pretty miserable, although I'm not complaining TOO much because they're still getting snow in MT!
The picture under the title is a cardinal nest that we found while at a nature park yesterday. Amazing those little guys will one day be beautiful red birds! We have tried to go out at least once a week to hike or explore, with a new favorite area called Government Canyon that is right outside of San Antonio. There are miles of trails through the "hill country"... steep hills covered in oak, locust, walnut, cedar, and other trees, and many wildflowers, cactus, etc. The heat has slowed us down a little bit, but we're still getting out.
One of my good friends, Sara, is graduating from her RN program today. I'm so proud of her! After one more certification test to come this summer (and finding a job), she'll hopefully be practicing as a Nurse Practitioner in the near future.
We also got the news a little while ago that my sister-in-law will be getting married Aug 8th. We're very happy for her, and can't wait to celebrate. Hopefully AdventureDad can get the time off from his program!
There isn't a lot of other news at the moment, although we are excited that we have less than 3 weeks here before we head home. AdventureDad's program starts a bit earlier than we thought, so the trip home will be a little more rushed than we originally planned, although we'll still be able to get a quick visit in with our families.