Sunday, March 11, 2012

AdventureGirl's B-day

Well, it has happened, another year has passed, and AdventureGirl is growing up. Simultaneously bittersweet and wonderful, this birthday really brought home to me how fast life can go by, and I feel thankful that I have two sweet and wonderful little girls to bring love and challenge into my life on a daily basis. This year we have actually been in one place long enough for M to have made friends, so we went all-out and had a rain-proof indoor party at a local place called Jump! that the girls both love. (Fortuitous since it rained all day!) Picture a giant room full of inflatable slides and bouncy castles and you pretty much have it. Nothing like non-stop jumping, sliding, and running to make a group of kids happy and cooperative! Needless to say they had a blast, and the parents got a nice chance to visit too. My daughter, a girl after my own heart, requested (without even a hint from me) a lemon cake with strawberry frosting, and I was more than happy to oblige.
Enjoy the pics!