Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Departure

Well, here I am on a rainy Sunday back in the NW. It is very odd how in some ways it feels like we never left, I think because we returned right back to Fort Lewis. On the other hand, our family is so very different than it was the last time we were here, it is truly a brand-new beginning.

Jimmy just left (as in approximately 10 minutes ago) for his Career Course in San Antonio TX. It is amazing how wimpy I have become about him leaving. I guess when the last couple of times he has left were from the 2 weeks of leave he got in the middle of the deployment, and for the deployment itself, I learned that him leaving was bad and painful. So, although Marion and I are going to join him in less than 3 weeks, right now I feel like I'm sucking it up for another long absence. It will sure be nice when all of this is a distant memory!

In the meantime, our family has been doing some settling in at our new home in McKenna, WA. This is a tiny little community tucked between the East side of Fort Lewis and the West side of Mt. Rainier. It is of course beautiful and green, being WA, but we lucked out and found a great home that has a lot of character and suits our family perfectly. Not only is there room for us (as in twice as much space as we had in Germany), but there is also enough land that we can have the horses right here, which makes a huge difference to the relative complexity of our lives.

I haven't taken any pictures yet, but Marion is in love with our huge yard, which is fairly bomb-proof (all of the gardens are mature enough to take a little beating, and we will of course teach her to stay out of them), and has enough dirt and rocks and mud puddles to keep any 2-year-old happy. She cries when I make her come inside even when it is wet and cold and her fingers are little popsicles.

The final piece of big news in the Duncan family is that we are expecting a baby around October 21st. We are thrilled of course, and now just hoping that everything goes well.

I'll try to collect some photos before my next post!


Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, Jess, that's fabulous news!!! I'm so excited for you guys! You've been on my mind so much lately and I'm glad things have calmed down enough for you to write an update.

Oh, and by the way, after Alex redeployed it was hard every time I left him or he left me. This actually lasted for well over a year. Those traumas are stored in our brains far longer than we realize. The good news, of course, is you do get to see him soon...and you're having another baby! Hope you're feeling well...

Mom on the Move! said...

YEAHHHHHH!!!! Yeah for new houses and space for horses and a yard to run in and a big yeah for a new Duncan on the way.

The Gutsy Mom said...

So happy you're up and running on the internet again! The house sounds JUST WONDERFUL (twice as much space? WHAT?) for the entire, reunited Duncan clan. And, of ocurse, we are SO THRILLED for your good news. Many, many hugs from afar!