Saturday, March 21, 2009

And My Heart Went Pitter Pat

Yesterday I had my first OB appointment at Madigan (the local Army hospital). This is usually just what they call an "intake" where I talk with a nurse, get assessed for any potential problems with my medical history, get some basic information on how to be pregnant, and then make my first appointment to see the a doctor. However, when it was revealed that I will be traveling for over a week before I'm back in range of a military hospital, the referral doctor that was on decided that he wanted to see me and make sure that there weren't any problems. That's how I got a bonus ultrasound (they usually only do one, and that's at 20 weeks or so, which is quite a let-down after Germany where I got to see the baby grow every month), and got to see the baby and it's heart beat. I suddenly feel so excited and happy about this pregnancy, it is funny what a huge difference that little bit of connection made. I wish Jimmy could have seen it too, but I did at least get a picture printed for him. Luckily he's used to looking at ultrasounds because right now of course the baby looks like a jelly bean with little stumps for arms and legs, all of which are hard to make out, but all the same it's his/her first picture. Suddenly my morning/afternoon/evening sickness (which is 5 times worse than it was with M) seems much more bearable. It's going to be a long wait for October to get here!

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Vicki said...

Congrats Jess. Um also can you ready my permanent guest room at your chateau? WOWIE I am jealous. See you this summer in the great NW.