Sunday, March 15, 2009


Alright, the first blog for today was my effort at being brave, but now that AdventureGirl (M) is in bed for her nap, I feel truly alone. I miss my ARG friends so much, which is something that has been hanging in the back of my head since our move, but with all of the craziness I've been able to keep it under wraps. Now, with AdventureDad off on another adventure, I miss my dear friends deeply. Now is when I would be trudging up the street with M in tow for a latte and some good conversation, or heading out on a dog walk with Joss and the boys, or crashing at V's for an impromptu take-out night because I can't bear the thought of cooking for myself. Of course I miss the comforting routines, but even more I miss the simple understanding that comes from those that have been though the same things that I have, that understand how traumatizing it is for my husband to be gone even though I know that it's really only for 3 weeks this time. I know I can pick up the phone and call any of my friends here in the States, or Germany for that matter, but it's not quite the same as knowing that they're literally right next door.
OK, enough of the pity party. This is certainly not the hardest thing I've done in my life, and it will soon be over. Spring will come, AdventureDad, M, and I will have fun in San Antonio, and then we'll come back here and settle down for real, at least for the 2 years we have in this house!

Oh, there was one other thing I meant to mention in my previous blog... we are loving the bird-watching in our new home! It overlooks a pond and marsh, and we have already spotted several species of waterfowl and wading birds that are new to us, not to mention all of the cute little favorites that are coming to our bird feeder. We also found some owl pellets under one of our trees, so we know there's an owl around somewhere. Dorky, but fun!


Rachel said...

I read and commented on the previous post before I read this one--because I like to do things in chronological order--but I have to comment on this one, too.

This weekend Megan, Noel, and Zeus (Bootsy loved that, Scout not so much) came to visit and it was so wonderful to talk to people who get this crazy life. We're facing such big decisions in trying to figure out if we should go on with our next PCS as scheduled, face a voluntary separation, or something else. It's so hard to know what's best and if you aren't familiar with how this all works, you just can't understand. Furthermore, it was nice to just chat with someone about our life without having to stop and define words and terms!

I know this isn't the toughest thing you've ever done but it is very difficult so let yourself be sad. I'm sorry but hang in there because I know it will get easier...

The Gutsy Mom said...

Rachel is so insightful and such a good writer, that there isn't much I can add, except that WE MISS YOU TO PIECES! I need to get better about checking blogs, email, facebook, etc more regularly, because that is where ARG will reconstitute itself. I love imagining you all enjoying the abundance of birds. I can't tell you how often, when we are out of dogwalks, that I see a bird and think "Hm... I wonder what that is... Jess would know!" HUGS!