Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Treading Water

I found out today that the arrival of AdventureDad has likely been set back by several days. No real reason, at least that he could tell me, other than the problems that are likely to arise anytime you are busy moving thousands of people from one continent to another. I knew better than to set my mind on any particular date, but it is a setback in my life. I have had a mental timeline that was helping to keep me on track during this time of anticipation and stress, and now I'm going to have to adjust. Not that there isn't plenty to do... I'm going to put the extra time to good use (when I'm not busy feeling sorry for myself), but it is amazing how much it has thrown me off kilter. Imagine someone telling you (after you had made your plans) that Christmas was going to be moved to December 28th this year, but just for your family. That's about how I feel. I'm not only holding my breath now, I'm also treading water. I'm not sure how many other life-sustaining activities I can keep up at once!
Luckily, time does march on, and in the meantime M is doing a great job of keeping me busy. We went for a 45-minute walk today in our neighborhood during which she demonstrated to me all of the microscopic wonders of nature. This kid notices things that pass everyone else by, from a particularly green chunk of moss in the sidewalk crack to the tiny red berries on a bush, a crunchy leaf that she stepped on, even an invitingly round stone in the gravel caught her eye, all of which she hands to me with a "thank ummm", her version of Thank You ("Your Welcome" ends with the ummm sound, so this phrase does too), which she says in advance for me whenever she hands things to me. I have yet to find out how long she would keep this up, as I usually end up eventually having to interrupt her tiny explorations so that we can make some forward progress. It is kinda nice to have to "stop and smell the roses" (or berries or dirt) sometimes though!
Also, I fully intend to take some photographs of the neighborhood decorations, so keep your eyes open. Hopefully I'll get them posted tomorrow.


The Gutsy Mom said...

M really does have a great eye for natural detail and such a sweet, genuine appreciation for it. Love it!

Rachel said...

Bummer about AdventureDad...it must be so frustrating for you. I'm sorry. I'm glad, though, that you have M to help distract you and I'm not surprised that she has an eye for the sweet details of nature. Both her parents have always struck me as "enjoy the small things" people ;)