Monday, September 15, 2008

IKEA to the Rescue

Marion is now at the age where she longs to have control over her world. She is frustrated by her inability to express her desires, and she loves play-acting with toys so that she can tell them what to do. Part of this fantasy involves being able to interact with the objects around her, which is difficult when those objects are all giant-sized. When we visit her friend Jills' house, she immediately gravitates toward the kid-sized furniture. To remedy this tragedy, my friend Joss and I took an emergency trip to IKEA today. Marion got a pint-sized table and chairs, plus a baby-san chair for the living room. She now has a little nook all her own just off of the dining/living area (under the stairs, for those who have been here). She instantly took advantage of the situation, and I look forward to much future crafting, coloring, etc. Yay IKEA.


The Gutsy Mom said...

CUTE! Her nook looks adorable (love the rug) and it seems she likes her living room chair, too. Go Mom! Seeing pink baby reminds me to tell you that aqua baby is at our house.

JES said...

The corner is great! I love the crabby seat cushions:)