Monday, September 8, 2008

The First Post

Okay, so after much resistance and procrastination, and after reading and enjoying the blogs of my friends for months, I have finally become a blogger. Sigh. No promises of frequency or consistency will be made, but I will do my best. The reality is that our family is unlikely to be really settled for many years to come, and with so many friends and families to keep updated, this is the most sanity-preserving way that I can think of. SO. Here we go!
I am also making no attempt at catching up with the past, as those whom I really want to read this already know most of the things that are referred to, and if you don't, you can always ask!

After such a stunning beginning, there isn't anything too monumental to report at the moment. There are two huge events looming in the life of our family, those being 1) The marathon at Lake Garda, Italy that I and my friends have been training for since January, and 2) The end of Jimmy's Ridiculously Long Business Trip henceforth known as the RLBT(Thanks Marg!) , coming up in a couple of months. In preparation for number 1, I just completed a 22-mile-run (followed by a mile-long walk to get home) and lived to tell about it, a feat of which I am very proud. I am no longer worried that I have it in me to run the marathon, which in comparison will be flat, and supported, meaning that I won't have to carry 6 pounds of water on my back. Piece of cake! (I figure those things will negate the remaining 4.2 miles that I haven't run yet.) Event number 2 has left me feeling a bit rushed to finish projects that I have been procrastinating starting for over a year, mostly organizational and de-cluttering in nature, but none of which I absolutely HAVE to complete before he gets home, it would just be nice. No pressure though, or so I tell myself. Really if I didn't get a thing more done and he could come home tomorrow, the world would be a happy place.


JES said...

Yeah:) Go Jess! I love this pic of little 'M'.

The Gutsy Mom said...

Way to go! And, what a perfect pic of M. I hope you don't mind that I linked to you from my site. If you would prefer me not to, just let me know!

Mom on the Move! said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! I blog-hopped on over to your site. Or maybe blog-stalking is a better term. Nice to see what is going on with everyone. I will be cheering for all ya'll from home, you are all better women than I am!