Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Pics

AdventureDad took some adorable pictures today, and I just had to share a selection.
In other news, we are quickly falling in love with Dora, who has continued to shine. She got very ill a day or two after arrival... a kennel cough infection that took some time to develop. Non-stop coughing and huge boogies in her nose (and sneezed all over the house, and coughed back up onto the rug), diarrhea, and no appetite (she went from emaciated to skeletal, poor thing), but she is definitely on the mend now, gaining weight, only occasional sneezing, and playing constantly with AdventureDog Sr, which is a heart-warming sight.
AdventureBaby had her 4 month checkup, and is doing very well. We seem to be through the worst of the colic and reflux, and she charms us every day with her constant babble and wiggles, although she is suddenly drooling like crazy (teeth perhaps?), and is working on her best attention-getting screeches.
As for me, I re-discovered a new favorite smell today... sun-warmed baby. The AdventureFamily took advantage of the 4th sunny day in a row (yes, amazing I know, but we do indeed still live in the Pacific NW), and while AdventureGirl picked dandelions in the lawn, I read a good book with AdventureBaby snuggling in my lap while AdventureDad drew out ideas for our someday house (and took pics). What a feeling of well-being!
After this blissful start to the day, AdventureDad and I went for a great 6-mile run, which was strangely relaxing, and a personal distance record, which was incredibly satisfying.
What a great day!

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