Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crazy Week

What a lot of misadventures the AdventureFamily has has this week! The good news first, AdventureNana was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and she made it through surgery quite well, although post-op drug reactions made recovery pretty miserable. The excellent news is that her lymph nodes were clean, so no chemo at this point, although some missed cells mean another surgery and of course radiation. The entire Adventure Family is sending her supportive thoughts and wishing we could be there. In addition to her cancer, she is also facing a major surgery on her neck during which several fractured vertebrae are being removed and replaced with titanium and synthetic bone... actually much scarier than the cancer at this point, and a heck of a double-whammy for one person to make it through. Please keep her in your prayers. We love you AdventureNana!!!
On to the other misadventures; earlier this week, we noticed that the AdventureTruck was acting a bit strange... rough on the startup and sluggish to respond. Fearing that something was seriously wrong, we took it to the dealer, only to find out that our troubles were due to the fact that there was pure ethanol in the gas tank (of a non-flex-fuel truck). The truck was not happy, but thankfully we acted quickly enough that no permanent damage was done. The "funny" part is that of course we know it is not a flex-fuel vehicle, and of course I did not put ethanol into it. What I did do is fuel up on post, twice, from the 87 octane pump. Of course we're calling the shoppette!
Next on the list was an interesting call from Yuma Arizona that someone was attempting to cash a $2500 check that I had written them. NOT! Thankfully a sharp-eyed teller thought it was fishy that this individual had credit card checks to cash from 3 different people. Now we know what happened to our stolen mail! (Of course we had no idea that the credit card company had sent us those darn balance-transfer checks, but we did notice a shipment of garden seeds that never arrived, as well as some tax forms, not to mention that opened mail from several other addresses had been shoved into our box, so we figured something was up.) This was the first time I have ever filed a police report. Now being a first-hand victim I can tell you identity theft is no joke, and we are so thankful to that teller and the quick actions taken by the bank and credit-card fraud investigators. It is a minor pain to cancel cards and put fraud alerts on our credit, but it would have been a major headache to try to undo the theft if it had occurred.
Last on the list was a day at the hospital with AdventureGirl following a rapid deterioration after a sore throat and cold. She is hopefully on the mend now, and she avoided hospital admission by being a super-star at the Dr's office and sitting through a nebulizer treatment there, so now she is home and an asthmatic. (She fits right into the AdventureFamily in that regard!). We don't know yet whether this is a long-term condition or a transient inflammation, but either way she's pretty pathetic at the moment.
Luckily we have made it through this week in one piece and ready to move on, and in the grand scheme of things it could have been so much worse. We just can't wait to report on some more enjoyable adventures in the near future!

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The Gutsy Mom said...

Sending you thoughts of love and prayers of healing and big cyber hugs for making it thorugh all that craziness. And, if you ever need to talk kinder-nebulizer stuff, I'm your gal. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! (Jillson randomly started asking questions about baby Olivia two days ago... we hadn't talked about you guys for a while... I loved that she brought it up!)