Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Construction Continues...

We are finally approaching the "finishing touches" of the finishing phase.  As might be expected, there are a myriad number of details and minor things that need to be fixed, but in general we are very pleased with the way things are coming together.  The final frustration remains the slowness of the septic system installation, but all we can do about that is pray that the dry weather continues until the inspection gets done (I can't imagine trenches full of water would impress the inspector much!).
As of our last visit, the wood stove has been installed, the tile is grouted, and the trim is up.  They should be laying carpet as I type, as well as installing plumbing fixtures and hanging doors.  We are well on schedule for the work to be done by Nov 9, which is rapidly approaching!  With that in mind, we are now hauling a trailer-full of belongings with us each time we head to the farm.  It is depressing how small of a dent we have made so far, but things should start moving faster once we get to the interior of the house.  It is amazing how full AdventureDad's new shop is getting just with the stuff from the garage.  How did we get it all in there?  We made a little progress on the chicken coop, but were unable to finish it because we had to take time to winterize the trailer.  Yup, freezing weather is here, which makes living out of the camper a little more troublesome.  If it was going to be longer we would go ahead and put skirts around it and run a heater to try to keep the pipes warm, but hopefully it will only be a couple more weeks before we can move in to the house, so instead we are blowing the water out of the pipes with the compressor and pouring antifreeze in the sink traps before we leave.  It is a pain, but less painful than frozen pipes!
I am a bit behind on photos, so there are a few from last week as well.

The Great Chicken Coop... in progress still

Wood Floors Are In

Exterior Almost Complete

Kitchen Taking Shape

Just Add Fire

Did you ever count how many doors are in your house?!?

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