Friday, May 4, 2012

Beautiful Spring

Oh, Thank God for Nine Trees!  This last weekend we escaped the perpetual rain and sog on this side of the state for a gorgeous spring weekend on Nine Trees Farm.  Granted, it was our usual rush to get way too much work done in too short a time, but we sure did enjoy it.  We feel downright pampered in our new camper, and it makes our late-night arrivals so much easier when we don't have to set up the tent camper in the dark.  So, after an after-dark arrival on Fri night, we woke up to the calls of meadowlarks, warm sunshine, a slight breeze, and rolling hills covered in green grass.  Talk about good for the soul!  Unfortunately duty called, and we spent most of Saturday in the car, but for an exciting purpose.  We drove a little over an hour to the Tri-Cities (a conglomeration formed by Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick, WA) to interview/tour a company that is the top candidate for building our house next summer.  We liked what we saw, and we're about ready  to step off the ledge and get the whole process moving.  Exciting and terrifying all rolled into one!
After returning home, we went out to dinner with our only nearby neighbors and their visiting kids (they live about 1/4 mile away... the next closest neighbor is almost a mile down the road), and collapsed into bed exhausted once again.
Sunday morning was another gorgeous day, and AdventureDad hopped onto the tractor to begin a day of weed spraying in the hay field while I took the girls to the orchard to do some fence repair.  I got a section of fence that had blown over re-set, while M flew her kite and L pretended to be a baby deer in the tall grass.  Did I mention we have two of the most tolerant, toughest, most wonderful little girls on the planet?  Despite 6 hours in the car either way, they LOVE our trips out to the farm, and their enjoyment makes it that much more fun for AdventureDad and I.  We feel obligated to put up a play set for them at some point this summer, and that will certainly be a labor of love.  I won't complain about a little less playing on the dirt/gravel piles either.  The camper is awesome, but we still only have the water in our tanks to wash up with!
Luckily we were able to finish up and drive home Sunday night to arrive home at a fairly decent hour.  Hopefully that trend continues.  I long for the day when we make our final move out there and this craziness can stop!
Here are the pics from our little slice of heaven.  Enjoy!

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