Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mystery Solved

AdventureDad and I have been hearing a mysterious splashing sound in the creek outside our bedroom window essentially since we moved in here... about a month now. At first it was only occasional, but lately we have been hearing a LOT of splashing, mostly at night but also during the day, especially when it was overcast. We would scan the area with a flashlight with visions of beavers or otters or raccoons floating in our heads, but we never caught anything. Today I was glancing out our window to see a dark "creature" in the creek, just disappearing under an overhanging tree. I wasn't sure what I had seen, just something dark in the water, so I yelled to AdventureDad to bring the binoculars. While I was scanning the water AdventureDad called out "it's a fish!" We hurried down to the creek and saw several chum salmon working their way upstream. So yes, we officially have a salmon stream in the backyard and the splashing mystery is solved.

We also had our first snow of the season today. AdventureGirl is thrilled (as well as the rest of the AdventureFamily!).

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The Gutsy Mom said...

That is so cool! Will you email me your new address so I can look at where you are on the map? As you know, we love your new hometown. Have you been to Isa Mira yet? I love going there especially in good weather, because you can sit on the pretty deck out back and look out over the harbor. Yummy cheeses and yummy weekend brunches.