Sunday, September 5, 2010

Taste of Fall

Wasn't I just writing that summer had finally arrived? I feel like a crazy person this year, but just as we were finally settling into some real summer, signs of fall have started to appear. The lone pumpkin in the garden is starting to turn orange, red leaves are starting to appear on a few of the trees, and the temperatures are dropping into the low 50's, and the horses are starting to put on their winter fur. The summer was so short and cool this year that the garden never did reach maturity... the squash is just starting to bloom, much less set fruit, the tomatoes are still green, and we had peas all summer long. Sigh. Thank goodness for a few faithful veggies... we have zucchinis coming out of our ears, some nice carrots and potatoes, some decent basil, and one giant sunflower.

Other than harvesting veggies, the AdventureFamily hasn't been up to too much. AdventureDad is toughing out his Fellowship, and we're all starting to look forward to it's completion. Just a few more months, a research paper, a case study, and a lot of tests to go. OK, so maybe our anticipation of the end is a bit early still, but being the planner that I am it is hard not to start thinking about the details involved in moving wherever we are going in the dead of winter. Sigh of dread.

AdventureBaby is taking 4-5 short steps between objects now... she's just one little leap in confidence away from full-fledged walking. AdventureGirl is very excited by the prospect of a mobile playmate, although she fails to understand why it's not OK for her to bodily heave O around. Adventures in parenting at their finest! I'm sure there are a million amusing anecdotes that I haven't shared, but I'm currently drawing a blank so they'll have to wait until my brain is working once more.

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