Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back from Cloud Nine

Just a quick update since we don't have pictures, but the AdventureFamily returned last night from another whirl-wind camping adventure on our land near Walla Walla. We are slowly working on placing T-posts at long intervals along our property lines (which are more than 1/2 mile long on 2 sides over EXTREMELY rough country), and we got about 1/3 of it done this weekend. Not bad considering we had the girls in backpacks and we couldn't work in the middle of the day due to the heat. We saw well over 50 deer on and around our property, as well as lots of elk tracks. My favorite part was the discovery of a steep grassy slope that had a wild plum grove, as well as several apple trees. There was also a huge hawthorn that had been trimmed into an umbrella by the deer, with a green carpet of grass and thick shade underneath... very park-like and beautiful, and especially appreciated since we had just hacked our way down a cliff-like steep slope of thick brush, small trees, and nettles galore, then up the facing slope to the fruit trees. It might not sound like fun (and the grumpies did come out a few times as the temperature rose), but it was a nice adventure for us, including a cozy evening in the camper. After the girls were tucked away, we sat out in the cool evening with the Blue Mountains to our back, watching the twinkling lights of WW in the distance, and all we could hear were the owls. Can't wait until we get a chance to go again!


Rachel said...

That sounds amazing...and so very Adventure Family! Glad you had a great time :)

The Gutsy Mom said...

This sounds so perfect! I am sorry about the heat and the nettles and the hard work, but I love that you have fruit trees and a park-like setting! Can't wait to see pictures!