Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pretty in Purple

All of the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone, and we are back to life-as-usual, except that Christmas and my incredible lack of preparation are now looming. I will most likely be sending New-Year's-if-I'm-Lucky cards this year! So what is life as usual? Well, AdventureBaby developed an oral thrush infection, and after attempting an unsuccessful treatment with an antifungal cream, we are now trying gentian violet. I'm guessing most of my readers have had some experience with this wonder-drug, but for the uninitiated it is an intensely purple dye that happens to be very antimicrobial and relatively non-toxic, as well as possessing the ability to indelibly spread to every surface within a 5-foot radius of an open container. So, her mouth and my corresponding body parts (as well as some unintended clothes, cheeks, fingers, etc.) are now shockingly purple, but much more comfortable (see photo!) In other mundane news, we have now had 5 days of no rain to make up for the rainy November (we're 5 inches over the already rainy normal), and we're all better for it. It is amazing what a little sunshine does for my attitude! Plus the horses are fuzzy and happy again, the pasture is much less mucky, and (this is BIG NEWS for me) the good weather inspired me to start running again! Yes, I completed my first 2-mile run yesterday, and have the aching muscles to prove it. It feels so good to start running again, and I'm now shopping for a "goal race" to keep myself (and hopefully AdventureDad too) motivated. This run was also the inaugural run for our new Cheetah-2... it's the 2 child, slightly-less-fancy, bought-on-a-great-sale version of our chariot jogger that I used for 100's of miles while training for the marathon, and it passed the test with flying colors. AdventureDad pushed it, and it rolled as smoothly and easily as the single-seater, with the added bonus that we can use the ski and bike attachments that we already have with it. AdventureGirl and AdventureBaby apparently approved too, the former chatting and the latter sleeping throughout the entire run (aaah, ARG memories).
The picture of AdventureGirl shows what happens when a 2 1/2 -year-old insists on dressing herself. Note the rubber boots for proper puddle-splashing and the "purse" that contai
ns "pink baby" and a stuffed squirrel (obviously all of life's essentials).
The animal pics are just there because they're cute.

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